Originally conceived as a boutique litigation practice, the Firm quickly recognized the need to add additional lawyers to staff complex cases. From the core of five lawyers, the Firm has grown sufficiently to provide quality representation in the following areas of practice.

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Product Liability

At FWL, defense of a product liability claim is more than a just a lawsuit. We understand that product litigation can influence the product's availability to marketplace and impact the viability of the manufacturer. Our product defense experience is diverse.

FWL serves as General Counsel and national trial counsel for J.H. Fletcher & Co., America's leading producer of underground coal mine roof bolting machines. This representation is international in scope.

FWL serves as an integral member of multiple virtual law firms responsible for thousands of pharmaceutical and medical device cases including the Pelvic Mesh MDL, In Re Zoloft Mass Litigation Panel, Lipitor and Plavix Litigation  FWL represents Axiall, LLC (formerly PPG Industries, Inc.) in multiple chemical product liability cases.Other product liability representations by FWL's lawyers have involved prescription drugs, blood products, over-the-counter drugs, chemicals, electrical transformers, brakes, gears, lawnmowers, weedeaters, mantrips, industrial conveyors, punch presses, solvents, rail cars, surgical instruments, paint, construction materials, vehicular products and other commercial and consumer products.

FWL understands that the opportunity for a successful product defense increases when trial counsel knows the product and develops alternative defense strategies through exhaustive sessions with engineers, scientists and expert witnesses. Choosing the right expert begins with the identification of the issue which requires expertise. Debunking the adverse expert is always a priority for FWL. Daubert, Kumho and their state court progeny are our tools.

Medical evidence evaluation is professionally accomplished by the FWL team which includes a nurse lawyer, multiple nurse legal assistants and consulting physicians.

FWL accepts product liability representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in Kentucky and Ohio as requested.

Medical Malpractice Defense

At FWL, defense of a medical malpractice litigation is a commitment that our medico-legal experience will understand the medicine, identify the causation defense and recruit the best experts who will maximize the opportunity for a successful outcome. All of the senior lawyers at FWL have been lead trial counsel in the defense of medical malpractice cases.

Tamela J. White serves as the Chairperson for the Medical Defense and Health Law Committee of the International Association of Defense Counsel. The 2010 edition of the Best Lawyers in America recognized Tammy in the Medical Malpractice Defense category. Tammy is also recognized by Chambers USA in this area of practice. Her successes as lead counsel has elevated her to a primary role as trial counsel for the insured of the West Virginia Mutual Insurance Company and the physicians of the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in handling malpractice litigation, the lawyers at FWL have refined the trial presentation methodology which consistently results in assisting the jury to correctly define the standard of care, explain why a breach of the standard did not occur and most importantly prove that any alleged deviation did not proximately cause the alleged injury.

Potential clients often depend on word of mouth recommendations when choosing a lawyer. A review of the representative cases provides a strong endorsement. Beyond the trial and appeal results, the recognition that FWL lawyers are frequent lecturers and authors provides a second resounding endorsement regarding their stature in the legal and medical communities. These lectureships have included multiple appearances before the West Virginia Judicial Conferences (Supreme Court of Appeals and Circuit Judges) to explain the legislative amendments to the West Virginia Medical Professional Liability Act, HIPPAA and the impact of the Medicare Second Payer Act.

FWL accepts medical malpractice defense representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested.

Attorney General Actions

FWL currently serves as co-counsel in two Attorney General Actions pending in the Circuit Courts of Mason and Marshall Counties respectively. One involves anti-trust while the other involves the sale of a prescription drug to the State of West Virginia.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution are essential components of the civil justice system. Three of FWL's lawyers are actively involved as mediators in cases which are pending in West Virginia.

Joseph M. Farrell, Jr. has successfully completed the West Virginia State Bar Mediator Program. He has a wealth of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in all aspects of civil litigation.

Michael J. Farrell accepts mediator assignments in complex cases. He limits his mediator engagements to approximately four per year because of his other responsibilities.

FWL accepts mediator and other alternative dispute representations throughout the states of West Virginia and in Kentucky as requested.

Class Action Litigation

The landscape of West Virginia litigation has changed in recent years because of class action and mass litigation cases. West Virginia is one of the few states with a separate civil justice litigation forum created for mass litigation cases.

The access to Federal Court provided by the Class Action Fairness Act is significant because of the low threshold for certifying a state class action. These cases involve prescription drugs, tobacco and insurance policies. Class action cases almost always results in the formation of litigation teams consisting of national and local counsel. Michael J. Farrell tried to a defense jury verdict the state class action certified against St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company arising out of its withdrawal from the medical professional liability insurance market. He is presently Liaison Counsel for the manufacturing defendants and lead counsel for PPG Industries, Inc. in a chemical exposure case that has a pending motion for Class Certification.

The strength of associating with FWL on these cases is our capacity to support and communicate with national counsel and the client. Because of our class action experience in the trial and appellate courts, clients and national counsel are comfortable in knowing that there will be no surprises.

FWL accepts class action representations throughout the state of West Virginia.

Health Care Law

Health care law issues arise every day. Some originate with patient injuries, privacy disputes, credentialing issues, licensure complaints, criminal investigations, grand jury appearances, hearings, and trials, employment contracts, insurance disputes, reimbursement and other financial issues often thrust a healthcare provider into the legal world.

Both litigation and commercial disputes can be hazardous for the participants in the health care community. FWL lawyers understand health care and understand the issues which impact this essential service. FWL's lawyers have more than 100 years of service to health care providers. Among our lawyers is Tammy White, the preeminent lawyer-nurse practicing in this region. Her accolades include the Chairpersonship of the International Association of Defense Trial Counsel Medical Defense and Health Law Committee. She has published national and internationally regarding Medicare compliance. Joseph Farrell, Jr. represents two West Virginia Hospitals and provides litigation and health law advisory services. The legal assistant staff includes nurses who have a diversified set of clinical experiences which enable them to efficiently and professionally evaluate medico-legal issues.

Our practice areas include many specific health care subjects because providers, as potential clients, need sufficient information to select the right lawyer for the problem presented. For many health care clients, the threshold issue is defining the problem. Medical school, nursing school and hospital administration programs devote scant attention to survival in a environment. FWL lawyers are equally adept in assisting the client to avoid litigation as well as litigating the case which has already been filed.

Our pledge is simple. If you are a health care provider and have civil, contractual, employment, criminal or licensure legal problems, we will assess them, identify your options and make a recommendation how to proceed. If a trial or hearing is necessary, FWL will provide a highly skilled trial lawyer. At FWL, you have the comfort of knowing that we have the talent, experience and capacity to define your legal problems and design a strategy to resolve them successfully.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky as requested.

Commercial Business Litigation

FWL is one of the few firms in the region with a lawyer, Michael J. Farrell, who has been recognized as a 'business litigator' by the Best Lawyers in America publication. He has had this distinction for a number of years. Beginning in 2009, the Best Lawyers publication identified Mr. Farrell as a lawyer if your business faced “Bet-The-Company litigation.” Mr. Farrell and his team of FWL commercial trial lawyers have the experience necessary to litigate the commercial disputes which have contributed to the nationwide litigation explosion. Disappointed business partners seek redress for failed expectations. Employees and former employees perceive litigation as the alternative to getting rich through the lottery. Restrictive employment covenants are contested. Stock portfolios lose value, and broker claims require a vigorous defense. Frequently, there is a need for competent and aggressive representation when money is at stake because a contract was breached or business expectation unfulfilled.

A review of the FWL business litigation case listing demonstrates that a diverse array of issues have been resolved for our clients in the courtroom rather than the boardroom. Litigation is always disruptive to the operation of a business. When a business dispute arises, the choice of a mature, competent and experienced lawyer is essential. Very often, a potential client has a problem and consults a business or tax lawyer for advice. In Great Britain, the procedure would be to consult a solicitor (advisor) who will take the client to a barrister (trial lawyer). While FWL has lawyers who can write a contract, as importantly, its lawyers have the skills to evaluate, attack or defend the enforceability of a contract.

The intrusion of government into the business environment creates multiple occasions for defending claims based on non-compliance with federal or state law. Delay in addressing these and other legal problem can be injurious to the capacity to successfully prevail. FWL's business litigation lawyers will promptly, efficiently and competently represent each of its clients. Businessmen and women rely on forecasts to guide the development of their businesses. FWL's lawyers accept the same obligation to evaluate the problem and forecast the possible alternative results.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky as requested. Only with the comfort of litigation forecasts from mature, competent lawyers can a client make the right decision.

Legal Malpractice

For more than thirty-five years, FWL lawyers have defended their fellow professionals in legal malpractice claims. Our Firm prides itself on being a 'Lawyer's Lawyer.' During these decades, our lawyers have accepted the responsibility of defending lawyers because we recognize that these cases often have attendant ethics and licensure implications.  Lawyers and law firms request FWL when they have a meaningful liability exposure.

Outcomes are generally better when the lawyer or the insurance company hires FWL before the civil action is filed. We have successfully intervened and persuaded the adverse lawyer that suit should not be filed because the putative defendant met the standard of care. If suit has been filed, our team of lawyers has the experience and capacity to investigate, prepare and try the legal malpractice case to a successful resolution.

From the insurance perspective, these cases can be expensive because they frequently involve a case within the case. From the lawyer's perspective, it is a difficult psychological adjustment because of the adverse public relations impact of the mere accusation. As a result, above average preparation and courtroom savvy is necessary to recreate the underlying case, establish standard of care, contest causation and vindicate the lawyer.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested. Compare the qualifications of our lawyers and understand that FWL's lawyers have the experience and skills to make the difference. With FWL, preparation, communication and professionalism is the commitment.

Insurance Coverage

FWL's team of coverage lawyers pride themselves on providing this important service to the insurance industry in a region with significant jurisprudential challenges. Experience is only one of the reasons to retain FWL for coverage assignments. They understand insurance policies, the applicable law and have the capacity to provide comprehensive coverage analysis on a timely and affordable basis.

FWL's coverage practice has grown through the years through clients who initially retained out of state counsel to render the coverage opinion and then have the flaws in those opinions exposed in subsequent first party and third party bad faith litigation.

The liberality of West Virginia's insurance law is well known. Merely reading the statutes and case law is insufficient to address the issues sufficiently to anticipate the litigation challenges to a coverage determination. FWL coverage counsel has the capacity and performance results to provide each insurer that the issue will be fairly, comprehensively and professionally evaluated on a timely basis.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky as requested.

Bad Faith Litigation

In some regions of West Virginia, the specter of extra-contractual litigation arises frequently First party bad faith claims remain viable under West Virginia law for technical and substantive violations of the Unfair Trade Practices Act, W. Va. Code 33-11-4(9). Not satisfied with traditional 'bad faith' theories which address the conduct of the insurance company, several cases are now pending before the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to expand that liability and make insurers vicariously liable for the conduct of defense counsel for the insured. FWL is defending St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company in one of these cases. Opinions in these cases are expected in the first quarter of 2004.

West Virginia's first party 'bad faith' law is both statutory and common law. The covenant of good faith and fair dealing is the vehicle employed by plaintiff's counsel to expand the scope of extra-contractual liability in a first party context. West Virginia also has a substantial body of law regarding insurance company liability for excess verdicts.

FWL and its lawyers have successfully defended and resolved extra-contractual cases for a significant number of years and will accept future representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested.

Employment Litigation

Employment law is personal. When an employment lawyer is needed, the relationship between the employer and employee has failed. The issues to be resolved include a judicial determination whether the employee was lawfully discharged for cause or unlawfully discharged because of discrimination, retaliation or other impermissible ground. There are numerous federal and state laws which govern the conduct of the employer. It is important for the employer to understand its obligations as well as the employees' rights.

Employment litigation occurs in a variety of forums from federal and state courtrooms to administrative agencies such as the West Virginia Human Rights Commission or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor. The common denominator for success in each of these forums in preparation, knowledge of the applicable law and trial advocacy skills. FWL's senior member, Michael J. Farrell, has been recognized in this area of law by his designation as a 'business litigator' by the Best Lawyers in America publication. With FWL as your lawyers, your interests will be diligently represented.

FWL accepts employment law representations throughout the states of West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

Disciplinary Board Representation

In West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, every professional who has a license is subject to license suspension and revocation. FWL's experience confirms that many claims filed against a professional are without merit. Notwithstanding, the doctor, nurse, lawyer, engineer, architect or other professional should not risk a blemish on his or her record by failing to address every complaint. Unlike a jury trial before six lay persons, professional licensure boards include other fellow professionals. They understand the nuances and ambiguities which may cause a patient or client to be come dissatisfied and file a complaint.

Because any adverse disposition of a complaint may have future economic and licensure complications, FWL's lawyers investigate, evaluate and defend every complaint fully. In recent years, the bulk of the FWL representations have been before the West Virginia State Board of Medicine, State Board of Nurses and West Virginia State Bar Ethics Committee.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested.

Privileges and Credentialing Disputes

Medical professionals increasing encounter difficulties and disputes regarding hospital privileges and credentials. FWL has decades of experience in handling these cases.

Because the granting or denial of privileges is very important to both the hospital and the health care provider, the participation of experienced legal counsel is important to avoid litigation.

FWL is available to provide legal counsel for the Hospital or the health care provider so long as no conflict of interest exists. Importantly, the FWL health care team is available to serve as an impartial Hearing Officer or mediator.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested.

HIPAA Compliance

Every American became acutely aware of HIPAA in April, 2003 when the new federal privacy be effective. The scope of HIPAA issues is very broad and can be confusing to the health care professional or others who come in contact with confidentiality issues.

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals invited Tammy White to conduct a HIPAA Seminar for the Court and all of the West Virginia's Circuit Judges at the Fall Judicial Conference in October, 2003.

The FWL lawyers are available to assist providers and vendors in every business or professional endeavor for HIPAA issues that arise in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

False Claims Act (Qui Tam) Actions

Clients who receive any form of funding from the federal government are subject to the False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. 372903733. Since 1986, the United States Department of Justice reports that verdicts in excess of $10 billion have been awarded under the Act. A national legal newspaper recently reported a $257 million dollar settlement by a pharmaceutical company. Individual health care providers are subject to the Act if Medicare monies are accepted. In this region, the primary use of this statute has been by former employees. The financial jeopardy from these claims is enormous because the Act provides for a mandatory civil penalties in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per claim.

Even though these claims often start as civil proceedings, there are federal criminal penalties for violations. In this region, with our extensive health law and criminal law, FWL's team of lawyers are uniquely positioned to evaluate the claim and provide representation for both the civil and criminal consequences.

FWL accepts False Claims Act representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested.

Education Law

FWL is in a unique position to evaluate education law issues. Joseph M. Farrell, Jr. is a member and Past President of the Cabell County Board of Education. In this capacity, Mr. Farrell has addressed every aspect of the public educational system and is well qualified to provide representation for issues which have arisen outside Cabell County.

Michael J. Farrell has substantial experience regarding higher education and K-12 issues. He presently serves in his second term as a member of the Marshall University Board of Governors. He previously served as Vice Chairman of that Board and its predecessor, the Marshall University Board of Advisors. Prior to the statutory reorganization of higher education governance, he served as a member of the University System Board of Trustees and was Vice Chairman of its successor, West Virginia Higher Education Interim Governing Board. These two Boards were responsible for West Virginia University, Marshall University, all West Virginia state colleges and the West Virginia Osteopathic School of Medicine. He also has served as West Virginia Special Assistant Attorney General in representing the West Virginia State Board of Education in the case which challenged the constitutionality of the statutory funding of public education.

Both of these lawyers and other members of the FWL educational law team are available for consultation and litigation issues related to West Virginia issues which do not involve Marshall University or the Cabell County Board of Education.

Toxic Tort

Toxic tort litigation abounds and particularly in West Virginia. Plaintiffs' lawyers in West Virginia classify any substance which has the potential to create harm as toxic. The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has adopted an extraordinarily broad definition of 'toxic' when it included an FDA approved drug as a toxic substance subject to its medical monitoring cause of action.

The FWL toxic tort team has experience in individual cases as well as mass litigation cases. Because causation is normally the focus when defending toxic tort cases, FWL works closely with the manufacturer to study and understand the substance, its constituent parts, its markers and effects on humans when exposure occurs.

FWL recognizes that product integrity and future viability is always an issue in a toxic tort case. As a consequence, it is proactive in expediting the disposition of the litigation so that any doubt about the product's safety and efficacy can be resolved very quickly.

FWL accepts toxic tort representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested.

Appellate Advocacy

The comprehensive FWL list of appellate cases is a testament to the trust and reliance our clients have reposed in us through the years. We take pride in our contribution to the development of West Virginia's common law jurisprudence over the decades. The legacy of our appellate efforts confirms our success and professionalism as does our participation as Amicus Curiae counsel in many significant appeals.

Our lawyers appear regularly before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. FWL lawyers also have represented clients before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the various Kentucky Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Appeals.

Most of the appellate appearances involve cases which our clients prevailed at trial with FWL lawyers as trial counsel. We attribute our high rate of appellate success to the capacity of lawyers to obtain a verdict and preserve it.

In recent years, FWL has accepted representations for clients who appear as Amicus Curiae in significant cases. In addition, our lawyers are always available to prepare or defend an appeal of cases tried by another lawyer.

Appellate success occurs because both the written submissions and the oral argument persuade the Court that the client should prevail. Because the vote of a single Justice may produce the winning majority, no client should be handicapped by having an appellate team which lacks the skills and experience to maximize the opportunity for success.

FWL accepts appellate advocacy representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested. Our clients have confidence in retaining our Firm to handle their appeals because FWL lawyers have a proven track record of appellate success.

General Tort Liability Claim

Defense of civil litigation is the essence of FWL. Our lawyers have served as lead trial counsel in every aspect of civil litigation including premises liability, defamation, products liability, automobile, truck, aircraft, medical malpractice, pharmacy malpractice, engineering malpractice, wild animals, legal malpractice, construction workplace accidents and similar civil tort scenarios.

Regardless of the circumstances presented, defendants and their insurers want the comfort of an experienced trial team that knows how to attack duty, breach, proximate causation and damages. With FWL, the client and insurer are guaranteed quality representation and affordable rates.

FWL accepts representations in mass litigation matters throughout the states of West Virginia and Kentucky.


Workers Compensation

FWL provides representation before the West Virginia Workers Compensation Commission and the West Virginia Employment Security Service for employers. FWL's lawyers currently represent select clients and are available to represent additional employers.

Occupational Safety & Health

Safety inspections of business premises are conducted by federal and state agencies. Substantial monetary fines can be assessed against the business owners. It is important for a client subjected to these inspections and fines to understand their legal rights.

FWL's lawyers have experience in representing businesses subjected to fines and monetary assessments. Beyond the financial loss to the business that can result from an OSHA or state assessment, these administrative investigations create a paper trail which can be used in subsequent civil and criminal litigation.

Selecting a lawyer early is important. If there is a serious accident in the workplace, counsel should be immediately retained to assist you during the OSHA or state investigation. Without the assistance of counsel during this phase, the business may miss the opportunity to communicate with the investigators and have input regarding the substance of the accident investigation report.

FWL accepts occupational safety and health representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in those regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested. FWL representation provides an opportunity to avoid or reduce the adverse consequences which can result from a serious workplace accident.

Criminal Law

Few law firms have the criminal law experience possessed by the FWL lawyers. 

Joseph M. Farrell, Jr. has tried a significant number of felony cases to jury verdict as defense counsel. During his tenure as criminal defense lawyer at FWL, he has defended clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors by both federal and state prosecutors. While the range of criminal charges may range from a DUI to first degree murder, FWL has a lawyer who has and can defend against the charge.

They have also been actively involved in white collar crime cases including grand jury appearances. For white collar crime cases, Michael J. Farrell is also available. Among his criminal law successes is the successful defense of a sitting Governor who was indicted, prosecuted and acquitted in Federal Court. The synergy between FWL's health care experience and criminal investigations of health care providers makes our Firm particularly appropriate if the health care provider is the subject of or a witness in a federal or state grand jury investigation.

Time is of the essence in selecting a lawyer when a criminal investigation commences. A person or corporation subjected to a criminal investigation needs competent criminal counsel sooner rather than later. The time for retention of criminal defense counsel is as soon as the client has any indication that the criminal investigation has started.

FWL accepts criminal law representations throughout the states of West Virginia and Kentucky as requested.

Mass Litigation Panel Litigation

West Virginia is one of the few states which have created a special judicial forum to handle mass litigation cases. West Virginia Trial Court Rule 26.01 et seq. prescribes the criteria for referral to the Mass Litigation Panel.

For a client subjected to the Mass Litigation Panel system, it is important to have a law firm which is experienced with the system. FWL has represented clients before the Mass Litigation Panel in every year since its creation. Our clients have participated in the only medical monitoring jury trial convened by the Mass Litigation Panel. The favorable verdict is presently on appeal before the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. Our client is presently involved in a class action pending before the Mass Litigation Panel.

Mass litigation cases have multiplied in recent years. Mass Litigation Panel experience is indispensable in selecting a lawyer. The breadth and depth of this experience benefits each prospective client.

FWL accepts representations in mass litigation matters throughout the state of West Virginia.

Fidelity & Surety

FWL accepts a limited number of fidelity and representations. Because of its continuing interest in serving all segments of the insurance industry, FWL recognizes that the need for a lawyer who has experience with fidelity and surety matters is important.

FWL accepts representations in fidelity and surety matters throughout the states of West Virginia and Kentucky.

Nursing Home Litigation

Nursing home litigation is rampant throughout the United States. Plaintiffs' lawyers advertise on a daily basis for patients and family members to sue nursing homes.

The successful defense of nursing homes is enhanced when the right law firm is retained to defend the case. FWL's lawyers have honed their health care litigation skills during the last two decades in defending doctors, hospitals and nurses in West Virginia and Kentucky.

Drawing on the experience of Tamela J. White in nursing administration, FWL is a leader in the defense of nursing home litigation.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in those regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested.

Fraud & Abuse

The United States government has passed a series of laws which are generically referred to as Fraud & Abuse statutes. These laws are applicable to hospitals and doctors.

For health care providers confronted with charges of up-coding or over-billing, they are subject to a civil and/or criminal investigation based on an alleged violation of the federal fraud and abuse statutes.

Fraud & Abuse sanctions can be severe. Significant monetary sanctions can be imposed. Future suspension and disqualification for participation in government sponsored programs such as Medicare or Medicaid is also a possible adverse outcome.

Because of the seriousness of the possible adverse consequences, it is imperative that any hospital or physician confronted with a fraud and abuse investigation immediately retain competent legal counsel.

FWL accepts fraud and abuse representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in those regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested.

Automobile Litigation

FWL accepts representations in automobile accident cases in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. Michael J. Farrell was in charge of the insurance practice at Jenkins, Fenstermaker, Kreiger, Kayes & Farrell for sixteen years before FWL was formed.

During those years he litigated and managed the automobile related claims for twenty different insurers.

With the growth of FWL, the Firm is now able to accept automobile litigation cases and provide quality litigation services at affordable rates.

Antitrust Litigation

FWL's business litigation and class action defense experience naturally evolved and serves as the foundation for the firm's Antitrust Litigation practice. Attention to the details surrounding complex business transactions and mass litigation strategies is the hallmark of a successful antitrust defense and where FWL excels.

The firm served as local defense counsel in the tobacco price-fixing class action. FWL has assumed the role of local defense counsel in both the EMI and MSG-Nucleotide price-fixing class actions.  The firm, along with national counsel, are defending an Attorney General Anti-trust litigation in the Circuit Court of Mason County, West Virginia.

FWL accepts antitrust representation throughout the state of West Virginia and in certain regions of Kentucky and Ohio, as requested.